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Welcome to Secret Santa Workshop!

The purpose of this site is simple. We wanted to find a simple site, where you could put in a a few email addresses, a few names and have them mixed up, and sent right out. 2 minutes tops. A simple thing right? Every site looked at, required you to set up an account, enter your info, wait for confirmation emails, and so forth. All of which has purpose mind you, but things that aren't needed for an exchange of 4 people or so. So, we threw together this site, in about 2 days. No claim to awesome here. Simple graphics and programming, but it serves its purpose.

Eventually, we plan on adding a few more advanced features, and even a log in, for those who do secret santa gift exchanges yearly. Or as often as you'd like really. Although the rest of the year, I'm not sure we can call them secret santa gift exchanges. But you're welcome to use the site in whatever way fits you!

Our vision is to keep the site simple. Keeping that in mind, we'd love to hear from you! Any comments or suggestions will help improve the site.

We made the operation as simple as we could think of.

  • Click on the 'create my exchange!' button right under our little snowmen.
  • Enter the number of people (including yourself)
  • Enter your name and email address, and those of the people in your exchange
  • Make sure everything is correct
  • That's it!



    Graphic: Christmas Tree, Candles, Stockings, Gingerbread House, Lights, Presents